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Company Profile

Transform Master Sdn Bhd was founded in DEC 2009 located at Kampung Acheh, Sitiawan where near to the Lumut Port, Perak, Malaysia.

We have an established reputation as a design, development, and manufacturer of latex compounding and processing chemicals mainly focus on rubber latex industry which include latex glove, latex thread, latex toys, latex foam, balloons, condom, catheters, latex exercise band, swim cap, finger cots, & etc.

Our Manufacturing system is supported by a strong process development capability and well equipped laboratories to deliver high quality products and service that meet or exceed customer requirements.

We believe in innovation, entrepreneurship, international standards and high quality in order to take on the challenge against market. The primary objective of the company is to create a brand image and product positioning in the market and, hence, we give priority to offer value based products to our customers from time to time.